Businesses and Business Owners

Culshaw and Company, LLC can help small businesses and the owners get set up for their accounting systems as well as help understand and follow different tax laws that may apply to them. We can help with bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll services as well to make it easier to streamline the entire process and get your business on track.

Real Estate

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Rental
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Real Estate Development

We have many clients in various aspects of real estate development and investing. We assist them with the many complex accounting and tax rules that govern this area. Since the IRS scrutinizes real estate transactions in their audits, it is important to make sure you work with a CPA who understands these complex issues.

As real estate investors ourselves we understand the unique cash flow and investor concerns specific to this area.

Homeowners Associations

Homeowners Associations have a special set of tax rules and needs that Culshaw and Company can help with. We work with the board of directors and review the bylaw requirements to make sure that we taylor our services to meet the needs of the Association.

Artists, Writers and Musicians

Artists, writers and musicians have many unique issues related to their industry such as constant travel, education, research, home offices, per diem costs, reimbursed costs and other jobs outside of their personal business that may impact their return. Culshaw and Company can help make sure you get all of the deductions allowed and review other planning opportunities that may be available.

Sustainable Business & Business Energy Tax Credit

Sustainable businesses often have special Federal and State reporting requirements due to the grants they may receive from these agencies.

Culshaw and Company can help with the special bookkeeping, in depth accounting, tax and reporting needs that these businesses may need.

Professional Service Businesses

  • Attorneys
  • Architects
  • Physicians
  • Engineers
  • Business Consultants

Our firm appreciates and adapts to a wide variety of leadership styles and we often take on the role of confidential sounding board for the business owners. We understand the service and value that needs to be brought to the table for clients we can also assist in benchmarking service businesses against their peers.

The firm understands why service industries must emphasize competitiveness. Our clients value our recommendations for cost-effective technologies that help businesses and individuals compete more effectively in today’s marketplace.

Life Science Businesses

Life Sciences has multiple sectors: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and agribusiness. We offer vital financial services including financial reporting, tax compliance/planning, preparation/review of business plans, review of funding requirements and valuation services.


Closely held manufacturers, whether family or investor owned have unique needs and require financial partners that can help. We can assist you with business process improvements, profit enhancement, and industry-specific accounting and tax services. We can also provide consulting on employee benefit issues and retirement planning.

Wholesale / Distribution

In addition to traditional accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services, we can provide a full range of industry-specific business advisory services designed to increase your profitability, improve your competitive position and reduce your operating costs. We can also help with strategic business planning, business valuations, and assist with bank financing and benchmark studies.


Culshaw and Company can help with the initial non-profit application process as well as the ongoing unique consulting and compliance needs of the non-profit entity.